Decorate our table for Halloween!

Can you believe that next weekend is Halloween?! 


One of our favorite Halloween traditions is a gathering of friends and family for a pre-trick or treating dinner! For this night I love to decorate my dining room table with special Halloween decorations by just adding a few extra things to my normal fall décor. 

First, here is an example of my current fall table. I love having a black and white theme for October. I love the idea of having a subtle ode to Halloween without it being too in your face. Plus! I just love black and white in general, and I can use this décor all year.  

On my Fall Table, I have:


Black Chargers


Black and white plates


Woven black and white table runner/ mats


Black and white polka dot bowls


Marble pinch bowls


Cast iron taper holder


Black and white mugs

I love to also add pumpkins, especially the lumpy and bumpy ones, to the table to finish out my fall vibes and add texture to the table. Then different sizes of pumpkins to add variety and little white ones to match my table decor. I can’t help it! If you haven’t learned already, I am pumpkin obsessed! 

I add just a few things I picked up from my local grocery store to switch over to Halloween.


First- creeper cloth. I love the way creeper cloth can drape and can be manipulated. This year I used it to replace my table runners down the middle of my table. I only needed one pack, but I would suggest getting extra if you have a long table. I also like to rip some holes into my creeper cloth to add more of a mummy effect. I will also take away the woven table runners so the table looks more simple and less busy because I will be adding more decoration to it. 


Next, I will add an orange cloth napkin to the dining set to add a pop of color and clean up any messes anyone (the boy) will inevitably make! 


In addition to the pumpkins, I like to stretch out black spider webbing that I also picked up at the store for a non-traditional, not-cheesy spooky element.


While it might feel like a simple detail, switching my white candle tapers to black tapers makes a huge difference! You can find different colors at local grocery stores, or I got mine on Amazon! This is a great way to add another spooky element. You would be shocked by how many compliments I get on such a small change. 


I add candy corn to each bowl for the final finishing touches, just an early candy treat. I will take some plastic spiders that came in my pack of black webbing and place them all over the table, and crawling across the creeper cloth, webbing, and a few even hiding in the candy corn! 

That’s all! It really is the most effortless transition over to Halloween! I am not kidding when I say it only takes about five minutes! Now, all I have to do is put together our favorite chili recipe, and we are ready for the trick or treating to begin! 

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