5 tips for an easy transition from Fall into Winter

Can you believe that it’s already Halloween weekend?! I am so excited for the holidays coming up, and I know a lot of people are waiting, but as soon as Halloween is over, I start making my way into decorating for the holidays! As much as I would love to put up my Christmas decorations immediately, I instead make a smooth and easy transition into winter with these five simple steps.

Put away the pumpkins, well, most of them.

I love pumpkins and fall, but I feel like the bright orange pumpkins, and the pumpkins with warts make me feel like Halloween and hayrides are still in my home, so I go ahead and put them away. But since I’m not entirely ready to let the pumpkins go (It’s a problem, I know), I like to leave out the white and light green pumpkins because they remind me of the transition between the seasons. This way, I don’t have to get rid of all of the fall vibes quite yet, and the toned-down color pallet lends a hand in slowly switching to Christmas.  This goes for my real and faux pumpkins. 

Say goodbye to the fall décor items

At this point, I take down everything that outwardly says “Fall,” literally. Any pillow, artwork, or dishcloths with phrases like “Happy Fall Y’all” or anything similar displayed on it will go into my bin next year. To create a more neutral color pallet, I will also put away all of my dishcloths or other décor items with orange pumpkins. I will tend to leave up my corn, wheat, and pampas grass for another few days. Again, I am not making this transition in one day, but I am enjoying the process of decorating my home!


Once I have had more of a muted color scheme for a while, I will move on to the next step, which is taking down my wheat, corn, and pampas grass. I replace these with fresh or plain green greenery since I am not trying to add in my red and whites just yet! I will save those closer to Christmas, but I love the way the fresh greenery looks with the light green and white pumpkins, and it makes my house smell amazing, and it definitely puts me in the holiday mood! You can also add moss balls or add in additional white berries! I love the way white berries easily transition from fall to winter. One of the more flexible decorations! 

Pinecones and acorns! 

This is one of my favorite decorating tricks! Instead of adding snow or snowflakes to everything, I add pinecones and acorns! Here in Washington, seeing these on the trees means that the weather is getting colder, and the days are starting to get shorter. I also love that these keep with the warm tones of fall, but you can easily transition them into your winter décor. Did you know that if you spray your pinecones with rubbing alcohol, it does a great job as an insect repent as well?! I think that’s a double win… or I guess a #twinwin! 


I think everyone should have an arsenal of metallics at their disposal when it comes to home decorating, especially during the holidays. Metallics are so flexible, and I think it will be one of the biggest winter trends in the future. That being said, I will also put away more of my clay or terracotta and replace these items with metallics of all different colors! If you want to get crazy, you can have multiple metallic options to swap out before and after Thanksgiving. 

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