Labor Day Weekend Ideas

Can anyone else believe that summer is almost over?! For my family this summer felt as though it just flew by! Just like how most people see the day after Thanksgiving to be Christmas time, I see the day after Labor Day as fall. That means we only have one weekend left! I was able to check off a lot of my summer bucket list items, like going to a theme park, spending time at the pool, and going to sporting events. But, like always, there never seems to be enough time to do it all, so, if you are like me and want to soak up every last second of summer here are some great activities for you to do! 

Go to the sunflower fields! 

Just like pumpkin patches in the fall the sunflower fields are a must-do item for summer! The fields around us in Snohomish usually have food, games, sunflower mazes, and kids’ activities! I love that we can make this a whole day event or go to just cut a few stems!

Go to the fair

One of the highlights of the summer for my family is going to our local Evergreen State Fair. The boys love going, riding the rides, seeing the animals, and of course eating all of the fair food! At our fair, you have to try the Purple Cow, a blackberry float. Now, I know not everyone has a fair going on right now, or maybe you don’t have time to go, but everyone should have a purple cow! I added my families at home version below: 

Camping in the backyard

Growing up, some of my favorite memories were “camping out” in the backyard. We would get all the snacks, put on our pajamas, make smores, and we swore we would make it the whole night without coming inside. Now, Lyndsay and I usually last an hour or two, but now that my boys are older and are having backyard campouts of their own, they will stay out there the entire time. 

Have a BBQ

Who doesn’t love having a good BBQ, and this being the last weekend in summer is the perfect excuse to host a BBQ at your house, or have one for just your family! One of my favorite things with late summer BBQs are incorporating fresh fruit and veggies that are in season like corn, butternut squash, and zucchini. Then finish the night off with smores of course!