You asked, we answered

Last week we posted a fun Reel answering some of our most asked questions, and we were shocked by how many more you all had! We also realized that it has been a while since we have reintroduced ourselves to you all! 

First, we are Lyndsay and Leslie. We are twin sisters based out of Snohomish, Washington and we run a highly successful Real Estate Company and storefront called Lamb&Co. You might have also seen us on HGTV’s Unsellable Houses where we are the co-hosts! Now, let’s get to the questions!

Unsellable Houses host Lyndsay Lamb with sister Leslie Davis

Are you really twins? 

Yes! We really are twins! When we were growing up people had such a hard time telling us apart, but as we got older we have gotten our unique styles! I have my signature bangs while Leslie has her blonde hair (We are both naturally brunette or those who also asked!). 

We are what they call mirror-image twins, and a really fun fact about us is that our mom, Nanna, had no idea she was even having twins! I was born first, and then a few minutes later she was shocked by Leslie! However, we could not imagine life without each other! -Lynds

Why is it called Lamb & Co.? 

We get this all the time! Why isn’t it called Lamb and Davis, or Davis & Co? First. Lamb is just a way cooler name than Davis. (Don’t worry, Jacob knows this too.) The second reason is that Lyndsay started real estate first! When Lyndsay started her business was called Lyndsay Lamb Real Estate. After we became a business partnership, we changed our name to Lamb & Co. and haven’t looked back since! -Les

Unsellable Houses stars and sisters Lydndsay and Leslie as kids

Are you actually from Snohomish? 

What is your definition of “from”? We were born in Ohio, but we have grown up in Snohomish! We graduated from Snohomish High School, met our husbands here, and now are raising our families here! 

We remember walking First Street as kids, and always dreamed of having a store here! Fast forward a few years later, and we did it! Snohomish will always be our home. We love the community, the area, and we love the memories we have here.  -Lynds

Unsellable Houses host Leslie Davis with sister Lyndsay Lamb

Do you two ever fight? 

Honestly, not that often! We are together every day, so don’t get us wrong, we definitely get on each other’s nerves, but we hardly ever fight. When we do, we are very fast to make up, and we are so thankful for not only having each other as sisters and twins but as best friends! -Les

How did you get onto HGTV?

Hosting an HGTV series wasn’t on our radar, but we’re so happy to be here! Here’s how it happened…

High Noon Entertainment is an awesome, Emmy-nominated production company that focuses on character-driven shows. After seeing a few of our YouTube videos, they approached us with an idea. (Apparently, word got out that we had a lot of “character”!) 

What if they built an HGTV show around our work as real estate agents? At first, we thought they were joking, or someone had set us up on a prank show, but it was the real deal and here we are two seasons later!  -Lynds

Is the show scripted? 

Are you kidding? If it was, we would definitely sound a lot better than we do! The show is just us being us. Our staff always joke about how they get asked what we are like “off-camera” and they always reply with “just like they are on!” We are so passionate about our show being a true representation of what we are like off-camera, and there are always times we look back when the episode airs and laugh at the weird way we pronounce something or odd way of explaining it, but the show is also us, and we love that! -Les

What do you do when you are not selling houses?

We are all about our family! Lyndsay has been married for 20 years to Justin and has a son Miles and a dog Remo. While I have been married for 19 years to Jacob, and we have three sons, Kyler, Cash, and Cole, and a dog Mookie. 

We know this is going to shock you all, but on the weekends we love to hang out together! Our boys, husbands included, love to ride dirt bikes, while we take long walks. All the boys are very involved in sports so we are usually carting them around from different games or matches!  -Les

Where do you shop for your clothes? 

Honestly, we just like what we like and are not very picky with the label behind it, but we do tend to shop locally as much as possible. You can check our Like to Know for more outfit information, but we love to shop in town at Joy works and Edit, or larger retailers like Nordstrom, Free people, and Anthropology. It really just comes down to what we are looking for on any given day.  -Lynds

Is there going to be a Season 3? 

Looks like you are just going to have to wait and see! 😉

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Lynds and Les