Unsellable to Sellable Paint Colors

Have you noticed that when we are selecting paint for our Unsellable Houses we almost always choose white or gray? There is a reason for that! White and gray have been proven to have the highest return on investment when selling your home! Why? Because everyone can see themselves living there! Now, you might love blue, red, or orange walls, and by all means, paint your future home any color your heart desires, but it might be the reason that your home is unsellable now. 

Now, I know there are endless options when it comes to white and gray, but I have tried most of them so you don’t have to! Here are a few of my favorites! 


Nice Neutrals 

Spare White by Sherwin Williams

Spare White is a beautiful cool white that can tend to show a slightly gray undertone in some lights but lends towards being a true white in most. I love this color so much that I have not only used it in multiple of our Unsellable Houses, but it’s also the color that I have used in our Lamb Real Estate office and showroom!


Gray Owl Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl is the ideal neutral gray. Now, most grays have a blue undertone that can tend to make gray feel very cool, but Gray Owl is unique as it has green undertones. The green undertone does a great job of warming the color while letting it remain cool. Truly making it a neutral hue. 


First Star by Sherwin Williams

However, if you are looking for a true gray with more cool blue undertones, First Star is a great choice! I love using this color because it truly enhances the color of every item of furniture we add to a space. 


Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

Cool gray, not your thing? Looking for something a little warmer? If you are looking for a true warm off-white then look no further than Alabaster! One of the best colors if you are looking for something a little creamy, but is not yellow! One of my favorite parts of this color is that it has a high reflective value so it is a great color if you are looking to brighten up a space or make a room feel larger.


Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams

Have you heard of the term Graige? It’s Gray plus beige! Simple as that! But this is a color I have been loving! With this unique color combo, you have to look closely to see if the undertones are warmer or cooler. Repose Gray has cooler undertones lending it to be more of a true gray and can be a little bit on the darker side of colors I usually paint our houses. If you are looking for something slightly warmer and brighter, I also love Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.


Pop of Color

Now I know that a home with white and gray walls might not be interesting enough for everyone, or it might not be what the style of your home will look best with. In that case, I suggest doing accent walls, or accent features such as painted vanity, cabinets, or mantle. If you are wanting to do a few of these, let me show you a few great pops of colors to add.


Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams

Voted 2021 “Color of the Year” by Sherwin Williams, and I know why! This color is one of my absolute favorites! I used this color in my design center, and one of our agents even loved this color so much she painted the exterior of her house this color too! At the base Urbane Bronze is a deep gray, but with bronze and brown undertones. This gives the paint a warm undertone with a metallic finish.


Amazon Green by Benjamin Moore

If you are looking for a stunning green-blue combination look no further than this amazing color! I used it as a door color for the laundry room in our Renewed Ocean Views in the second season and we got so many compliments on the color and I love the way it blended with the rest of the furniture and design. This would also be a beautiful color for a mantle or vanity.


Quietude from Sherwin Williams

If you are looking for a brighter splash Quietude is a great combination with a slight gray undertone. We have used this color on kitchen cabinets, and I love how it brightened up the space! This color works great for a coastal, vintage farmhouse, or craftsman-style home especially! 

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