Oh my gourd! It’s almost fall!

Oh, my gourd! It is almost fall! Can you believe it?! I know a lot of people are holding onto summer, and don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but this year has been abnormally hot for the area, so I am ready for all things PSL, cozy, and bring on some PNW rainy weather! 

I am always faced with the dilemma come September, is it too early for fall? I mean, in Washington September can be one of the nicest months of the year, easily reaching the 80s, almost 30 degrees higher than our average, but my son, Miles, is back in school, and pumpkin patches have started to put up their signs and displays, and I think that gives me enough permission to begin my transition into fall. However, let’s start small. Ease ourselves into this amazing new season while also letting ourselves enjoy every bit of summer we have left. 

The first thing I do is put away anything that is a “summer theme”, all the lemons, beachy, and brightly colored objects go into storage until next year! I love summer decor, but by just putting these away you can mellow your color scheme and create a clean slate that makes it feel cozier. I also try to remove the greenery that is summer-inspired like palms, ferns, or flowering greenery. I try to replace these with neutral stems, wheat, and neutral color berries. 

Next, let’s add textures! Fall is the perfect time to add flannels, knits, and ceramics! Little changes you can make to reflect this is to switch out your summer throw pillows over to those that are made of wool or knit. This would also be the perfect time to switch over to flannel sheets and swap out your table runners to those with a little more texture. 

Now, this one might surprise you, but let’s hold off on the pumpkins! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pumpkins. The pumpkin cold foam from Starbucks is something from my dreams, but by not adding them right away you can ease into the transition in a much more seamless way and it will not feel like an overwhelming change, plus fall truly doesn’t start until the 22nd of September, and I personally like to wait to add pumpkins till we are fully into the season. 

In addition, one of my favorite ways to transition from summer to fall is using two of my other senses! Taste and smell. 

For taste, I love to ease the transition from summer to fall with a caramel apple charcuterie board ( Yep. Another one, because I’m obsessed.)! To me, caramel apples remind me of summer fairs and Halloween. I personally like to pre-slice my apples, dip each one in caramel, and top it with M’n’M’s. Yum! 

Lastly, and probably my favorite thing to do is change out my scents! During summer I love using lemon, eucalyptus, and more floral scents, but for fall I like to switch over to cinnamon, orange, and clove! To me, this can make the entire home feel so cozy, and if there is only one way to really get me in a fall mode, it would be a pumpkin spice candle. 

Don’t forget to come back next week and the rest of the season as we welcome in fall and the holidays! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.