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Favorite Projects with JL Season 2 

Have you noticed that we love working with Jeff and the JL team?! We have built such a great relationship. They are always on time, they have an amazing team of such talented professionals, and we love getting to work with people we feel so comfortable collaborating with and pushing each other with designs. In honor of our giveaway going on now,  I thought we would take a look back at the previous season and go over our favorite projects of season 2. 

Season 2 Episode 1

One of the most beautiful parts of the historic homes in Snohomish is the craftsmanship! Most of the older homes have exquisite millwork and built-ins. So, when we were rehabbing the home we did not want to take away from the original design. Putting in a breakfast nook was a no-brainer for space, and having Jeff and his team create a bench that not only was functional but looked as though it belonged there! 

Season 2 Episode 7

By working with Jeff we have built a huge amount of trust with his suggestions, so when we entered into this new Unsellable and Jeff let us know that we would be able to remove the drywall on the outside to expose beams, we knew we had to do it! The result was beyond our dreams! The exposed beam work fit perfectly with our transitional style and was one of the first things people noticed when entering the home! Just goes to show what you can get when you can trust your contractor! 

JL: “Exposing the trusses was a great idea that had a huge impact. It brought so much character into that big, bright, and open room but it had its challenges. The trusses weren’t originally built to be seen, so making them look finished and aesthetically pleasing by painting and filling in sheet rock around the openings was time consuming, but it definitely paid off!”

Season 2 Episode 6

Okay, this project not only touched us but of course, with this being Jeff’s sister’s home it was extra special to him. With this home came two of our favorite projects that we have done.

The custom railing. With split-levels, we often notice that they feel very disconnected, and to combat this one of our favorite things to do is to change up the railing. In many of our other homes, you can see us adding in bars or cable wires, but with this home, we had another idea. We wanted to go along with the French country theme and add in an “x” pattern. However, with the way codes work in the area we do have to have more than just an X to protect from kids, or people falling through, so Jeff had the great idea to add additional boxes to the railing as well. The railing truly turned out to be a phenomenal custom piece that helped to sell this home. 

In addition to the stair railing, one of the most impressive pieces was the custom-made hood. When we were building the idea of the French country I knew that I wanted to incorporate some warmer tones to the kitchen, the butcher block countertops were just stunning, and I thought by adding a copper element to the space, it would just send it over the top. However, I had no idea that Jeff would do such an amazing job with the hood. He used a lot of refurbished material that helped us stay on budget, and the hood vent turned into one of my favorite elements overall. 


JL: “This was an incredibly special episode for our team and our families.

 Jeff put in extra hours to leave no stone unturned. The timeframe for this project was his biggest challenge, but he wasn’t willing to make sacrifices, so getting it all done in the allotted time meant many late nights 


So much love was poured into this project from Lyndsay, Leslie, Jeff, and everyone involved. Our favorite episode to date!”

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