5 ways to use a Blanket Ladder

We hope that everyone is off to a great summer! With the heatwave going through Washington we have been finding more and more people seeking the comforts of AC inside their homes, and being inside for us means home design projects! One of the biggest questions we get is how to use décor that we already have at home in a new way! One of my favorite things to do this with is a blanket ladder. 


A few years ago blanket ladders were the hottest trend, and I still think they can make a beautiful addition to the area, but after some time you might find that you are looking for a different way to use this beloved item. Here are some ideas for you!


  1. Store your Blankets

As seen on Season 2 Episode 7 “Outdated to Upgraded”

Okay, this isn’t a new way of displaying a blanket ladder, duh, BUT I think one of the biggest problems people face with their current blanket ladder is they are using it to hold every blanket they own rather than using it to enhance the space with colors, patterns, and textures. If the ladder is too full it can make the space feel disorganized and cluttered. A good rule of thumb is to have half as many blankets on the ladder as it has rungs. So, if the ladder has four rungs you should only have two blankets and if it has eight rungs, four blankets would be a great fit! Another suggestion is to choose blankets with alternate colors or textures. For example, a wool knit blanket would be beautiful with a patterned cashmere throw. 


2. Store your Jeans

Lyndsay’s Closet

This has to be one of my favorite life hacks for a blanket ladder! For years I was filling my closet up with jeans but was never able to see what all I had so I often had jeans in my closet that no longer fit or were not in style anymore, but I had no idea they were still there because I could not see them. So, a few years ago I decided to put them all out on a blanket ladder, and I have not turned back! Not only that, but I have convinced multiple people to do the same because it works so well! Not only is it easier for me to get ready in the morning, but there has also been a lot less stress on my jeans, and I have noticed them lasting longer, and keeping in better shape. 


3. Plant Display

Lamb & Co Storefront

Around here, we are in love with our plant babies and are constantly looking for new ways to display them, especially my air plants and succulents. A few years ago, I realized the rungs on a blanket ladder are the perfect width for holding the small pots. I love that by doing this I can also add a little bit of greenery to a space making it feel fresh and bright. This trick worked so well in my own home that we also use this method to display our smaller plants in the store. To add another level of dimension I add hanging elements. In the photo above we added ceramic ceiling bells. 


4. Wall Art

As seen on Season 2 Episode 6 “Sibling Split-Level”

The raw wood and lines of a blanket ladder can add geometric interest and can be used as a décor item on their own! For the episode above intertwining lavender into the pegs to help enhance the French Country design. However, you could easily replicate the design by adding eucalyptus or mother of pearls for a farmhouse feel. 


5.  Get Creative

As seen in Season On Episode 3 “Moving Sale Makeover “

Does anyone remember this throwback from Season 1? You might be surprised to know you can do this same thing with a blanket ladder! For this home, we took a ladder and incorporated it into the dining room light fixture. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece with a lot of charm! We have also seen people using a blanket ladder over a bed as a headboard! Both bring such a unique charm to the area! 

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