Unsellable Houses

Contemporary Cleanup

Season 2, Episode 8

I was super excited to take on this house! It had the makings of a fun challenge, and I think we pulled it off!

Located in Bothell, this 1970s-built split-level home needed some attention, to put it nicely. Inside and out, the home was filled with clutter and discarded items, making it hard for buyers to see the potential for beauty.

We immediately cleared out the home and started fresh, reconfiguring some key spaces, accentuating features like windows and woodwork, and adding a sense of contemporary luxury that would grab the attention of the young, outdoorsy, techy buyers we were after.

It was one of our bigger investments (we put in $100,000), but it paid off big time! Originally listed at $500,000, we fixed it up and put it back on the market at $745,000 and sold it for $855,000. I’d call that a big win!

Colors, Patterns, & Texture Inspos

After we removed the unwanted junk from the house, we saw lots of opportunity to accentuate the home’s existing features. We knew we wanted to go after outdoorsy, techy buyers looking for a house within commuting distance from some of the Pacific Northwest’s biggest tech companies, so we really leaned into an earthy, contemporary design for this house. We pulled in lots of green and earth tones and had fun with the existing wood textures throughout the house. We completed the look with plenty of geometric and linear accents with tile, wall features, and decor.

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Key Updates

Favorite Project: Textured Walls 

One of the things we loved about this house was its existing woodwork downstairs. We wanted to carry that beauty through the house with a couple key features upstairs, so we took thin strips of wood and staggered them horizontally from the edge of the dining room wall. We left the wood with a light stain to provide contrast to the green accent wall. 

In the owner’s bedroom, we used the same technique to create a textured feature wall, this time painting the wood strips to match the color of the wall. It felt unique, contemporary, and custom. 

These elements definitely gave buyers something to get excited about!

JL’s Take

We loved this house!

This was a large home that took multiple companies and a lot of manpower to bring out its true potential. We all put in the work both inside and out

In the kitchen we worked on a new design that would maximize the space. We were able to transform the room into an impressive and functional kitchen that was attractive to any buyer. The backsplash tile set to showcase its varied edge added some time and difficulty to the process but definitely created a wow factor.

The basement also needed a little reconfiguring to create a more natural flow.

 This was truly not your typical split-level home and had some incredible mid-century architectural elements throughout.

Lyndsay and Leslie worked with those elements to apply the earthy-contemporary feel they were aiming for. The final product left everyone who entered the space feeling instantly inspired and at home.

We appreciate you, JL Remodeling!

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