Unsellable Houses

Mid-Mod Oasis

Season 2, Episode 4

This week, we jumped in and took on an eclectic 1953 home and brought out all its mid-century modern character…with a few contemporary twists!

When we first encountered the home, it’d been on the market for 6 months, listed at $500,000, with no bites. We knew we needed to help potential buyers visualize life in the home, so we took the colorful walls back to a neutral white base, remodeled key spaces, and brought out the hidden wow factor in the backyard. 

The result: amazing

We were able to put the home back on the market at $610,000, and it sold for—wait for it—$735,000. 

Such a win! 

Here are some more details behind the design…

Colors, Patterns, & Texture Inspos

From the start, the home’s original architecture grabbed our attention. The windows, wood panelling, rooflines—all of it spoke to an authentic mid-century modern aesthetic with lots to offer. We decided to lean into that vibe with our staging choices while bringing in some more contemporary touches.

Key Updates

Favorite DIY Project: Wood Slat Wall

When we reconfigured the kitchen, we moved the fridge to the edge of that space, leaving it visible to the living room and main entrance. We needed to soften the view of that fridge without closing off the space. 

The solution: we added a slatted wood frame, extending the kitchen wall by a foot or so and creating visual interest in the space. All it took was a bit of lumber and some stain. The result was gorgeous!

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Featured Finds

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Key Materials 

Here are some of the other great materials we used in the reno!

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