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My Favorite Greys by Lyndsay Lamb

We all know the struggle that is finding the right paint color. It can very quickly become a thief of time, and dare I say it; JOY! I spent months over the course of season one of Unsellable Houses working with a variety of different greys for each house, so I know from experience—all greys are NOT created equal! With so much interest in which greys we used in our houses this season, here are some tips on finding the right grey and a couple of my favorite colors to get you started.

The color grey is in every interior designer’s back pocket as a classic tool that can make any space feel soft, look stylish, and sport the neutral look that everyone is searching for! It goes with everything, which makes it the perfect color to paint inside your home before selling.

The first step to picking out a grey is deciding if you want a warm grey or a cool grey. It sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but trust me this is so important. Cool greys tend to have a blue undertone, whereas warm greys generally have a beige/taupe undertone. I tend to lean more on the side of warm greys because they pair well with most floors and furnishings. I’ve never seen a project go wrong with a good, warm grey.

Leslie & I painting onset of HGTV’s Unsellable Houses

Pro tip: Start with a sample of the color and put it on all four walls, then check on them throughout the day when there are different types of light shining on them; daytime, early evening, and night time. 

My 3 go-to paint colors:

1. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW 7015 

A light gray with soft brown undertones (not enough to qualify it as a greige) and a hint of purple. No I’m not crazy, this purple adds a softness that keeps the grey from falling into a icy cold palette. You will fall in love with it just like it did.

Pro tip: Undertones, like the purple in this color, are used to soften a color to keep it from feeling flat and boring—perfect for a dark or north facing room!  

2. Sherwin Williams Pavestone

This grey is beautiful in a well-lit space. Stunning in color with it’s medium-tone and slight earthy look. It can pick up a vague green undertone but it’s so passive that it’s virtually unnoticeable. With a striking white trim, this color is a show-stopper.

3. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey

The perfect greige blend that complements home decor and most floors. This is the color that I most often recommend as a starting point to a client looking to paint grey. We used this color on Season 1 Episode 1 of Unsellable Houses “Old House to Sold House.”

4. Bonus: Sherwin Williams – Alabaster

Not a grey, but one of my all-time favorite colors for both walls and trim that deserved a mention. It’s neutral, off-white hue sets the backdrop and let’s the home’s furnishings & decor do the talking. It’s a fresh start without the harshness that a bright white can often bring.

Here’s to hoping that these tips & tricks provide you with the starting point you needed and gave you the confidence to get your next paint project finished on time and with minimal headache!

Xo, Lyndsay