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4 Books to Read for New Real Estate Agents

If you clicked on this link hoping to get a list of books specifically geared towards real estate agents, you’re in for a treat! These four books listed below have helped shape me as a business owner and have played a major role in how I have approached business over the last several years.

I have come to find that the books specifically geared towards real estate agents are missing a vast amount of information because they are so focused on “how to close the deal.” You are not just a real estate agent, you are a business owner.

Each one of the books listed below will challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged before and leave you confident in the future of your business.

Story Brand by Donald Miller

I loved this book because it took me on a journey to simplify my brand story and I so appreciated that. You will learn the importance of creating culture through the way you speak about your business. It will inspire & assist you in creating a strategic plan to solve the problem your customer has, in the simplest way. 

Key takeaway: It is not about being the “best,” it’s about having the clearest message, that in the end, makes choosing you a “no brainer.” 

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How Successful People Think by John C Maxwell

If you’re looking for a compact read with a punch, you’ve found it! I loved how the author went into great detail describing the three exercises to making thinking a habit. As I read, I started applying them daily to everything I did. It changed my whole world! I won’t spill the tea—but I promise you will absolutely love this encouraging read. 

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The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly

One of those books that will keep your gears turning all day long! This book brings awareness to what is so inevitable in our current world: the continued growth & vast advancement of technology. We are in a state of ever-growing change in the technology industry, and it is happening faster than we ever thought it could. You will love reading through the author’s twelve trends that will forever change the way we work, learn, and communicate with one another. 

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The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Not the easiest read, but it’s packed full of incredible information! The author attempts to answer the question of trends with an idea he calls The Tipping Point—the magic that happens when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses the threshold, tips and then spreads like wildfire. As he goes on, he continues to break it down and dig deeper into key factors and principles that send a product or brand to viral status. Use this book as a tool to inspire you to do the same with your business!

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I hope these books are as enjoyable for you as they were for me and that they become power tools in your pocket as you begin the journey of being a business owner.

Lyndsay Lamb