Agent Tips

4 Ways to Build Client Trust

The real estate industry in the PNW is highly competitive and saturated with talented agents. That doesn’t change as you look locally into Snohomish County where we conduct our business. Homeowners are now taking the initiative and interviewing multiple agents at a time to determine which will be the best fit for them and their families. 

At Lamb Real Estate, we have found that strengthening the four strategies below has consistently set us apart and has kept our business evolving each year. 

Keep in touch:

We are all about over-communication. In the 10+ years we have spent working with homeowners, we have learned that keeping them in the loop all the details is what allows them to establish the deepest amount of trust in us. We never want them wondering what is going on and what stage they are at in the process. We always deliver news fast, and bad news even faster!

Go above & beyond:

We LOVE exceeding the expectations of our clients! After all, it’s our job to make the entire process easier on them. Clients often have a set expectation of what to expect from us at our initial meeting, but we always plan to far exceed that expectation. We are fully aware that each client has different needs, and we are always ready to serve them in any way we can—no matter how complicated their situation may be.

Ask for feedback:

Good and bad feedback is always needed, how else would business continue to grow? We are always asking for feedback because it allows us to further streamline our process and make improvements to the experience that we deliver. 

Show appreciation:

It’s no secret, that the home buying/selling process has a tendency to not always be the most fun. Showing appreciation, no matter the form, will solidify client trust and help put their worries at ease.

We have a multiple touch process to client appreciation at Lamb Real Estate. We make sure each touch is personalized to the clients current needs and we’ve seen an immense amount of loyalty come from establishing this system.

Remember: Your business is only successful because of your clients. Never forget that, and show them love and respect at every opportunity!