6 Ways to Be More Productive in the Office

Feel like you need to reorganize & restructure your workday in order to be more productive? With endless outlets for distraction in our modern world, it seems that staying on task is becoming more challenging by the minute! Thankfully we’ve been working in Mill Creek for a while now and have a few tricks to keep your mind on track:

Daily goals: Help curb your distractions by setting goals for your day before it arrives. I often do this the night before so that I know what I need to tackle first thing in the morning. Mostly the bigger items on my to-do list become my goals for the day and I’ll knock out the smaller things right away so that I don’t have to worry about them later.

Under 2-min rule: When I see my to-do list start to fill up, I find it really hard to know where to start which can lead to procrastination! I was informed of the Under Two Minute Rule a couple years ago and it instantly helped me check boxes off my to-do list faster. The Under 2 Minute Rule means if a task can take under 2 minutes—you take the time and knock it out right then & there. Simple tasks such as email follow up or scheduling appointments, etc are great examples of when to use this rule.

Color code your calendar:  We use Google Calendar because you can easily display multiple calendars and color code them all to differentiate them from each other. Orange is our team calendar, blue is my personal calendar, green is our photography calendar, and purple is our marketing calendar. We can add individual access to each calendar for team members so they can add/remove appointments as needed. It has been working super well for our team!

Delegate: With the growth of our team delegating has been huge! In the beginning it can be tough having to train new team members but once they are fully trained it can take a huge load off! There is only so much one person can do and with the help of delegation those new employees will become seasoned employees and they can train up the next batch of new hires! This will also allow you to maximize your time on what is really is important in your job role.

Exercise: Increase blood flow and decrease stress by finding the best type of exercise for you. If you sit at your desk all day this is really important to your health and your productivity. Take a lunch & do some yoga in the courtyard or even something as simple as walking to pick up your food. Give your mind the break it deserves and get your heart rate up! The rest of your day is sure to be much more productive.

Liven up your workspace: You work here for 8+ hours a day! Productivity has been shown to increase in a space that can inspire. Add some color & design and make that space feel more like home. Pro tip: Add an ergonomic chair or desk to help relieve any back pain you get from sitting at your desk all day.

Hope these help you to stay more productive and accomplish everything you want to do!

Have a great week!