April 9th, 2018

Go Green While You Spring Clean

Start spring cleaning off right this season by making it a little more green in honor of the upcoming Earth Day, April 22. There are so many alternatives to be used when it comes to cleaning to keep it green and save you money! 

  1. Use reusable towels: Swap paper towels for reusable towels, cloth mops, feather dusters. Toss all in the wash when you’re finished, and fold them up to re-use next time! Pro-tip: Remember to clean from the top down so you aren’t having to re-cleaning what you’ve already done. Start with ceiling fans, lights, moldings etc.
  2. Use earth friendly products: There are so many earth friendly and healthy cleaning products on the market right now. Mrs. Meyers is a popular product that offers cleaning products, soap, detergents and more. You can also make your own natural cleaners using essential oils! Easy peasy (and very much trending right now).
  3. Baking soda always on hand: Baking soda is always good to have on hand as a secret weapon! It can easily lift stains on carpet, clean sinks & appliances, and can take away strong odors in your fridge!
  4. Wash drapes & sheets: Something you probably almost never think about! Newly washed drapes, comforters, sheets, etc can easily freshen up a room and can clear a room of any unnecessary dust & allergens!
  5. Declutter all the junk: Oh clutter; easily built up over the fall & winter months due to (much needed) seasonal decor and family time. Take time to reorganize, put stuff in bins, and get rid of items you won’t be using next year. 
  6. Clean your windows: Spring is the perfect time to clean your windows especially on the outside. Pollen, dust, and other debris can build up and make it hard to not only clean your windows but to open them too! Pro tip: White vinegar and warm water in a spay bottle can make for a great strong window cleaner!

What tips would you add for going green this spring?