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Staging Tips for a Quick Home Sale

A lot of home seller’s don’t realize the amount of work it takes to get a home ready to sell until they are in the brunt of it! Use these 7 tips to stage your home properly and to give yourself the proper amount of time needed to ensure that once your home is on the market—it will go fast!

Enhance curb appeal: Many homebuyers do a drive-by first to decide if the home is even worth the look inside. Add blooming plants, power wash the driveway & siding, and mow the lawn. All these things are great ways to get your best buyer through the door.

Front porch that says “welcome:” Adding a clean doormat, potted plants, and porch furniture if there is room, can make even the smallest space seem so welcoming and magical! Pro tip: keep your porch lights on in the evenings in case a potential buyer drives by!

Style up the Dining room: This space is easily overlooked if the table is left bare & boring. Style it up by adding a pop of color in dishware or napkins, even adding a small centerpiece can bring this important space to life right away! This is one of Lyndsay’s favorite rooms to stage. 🙂

De-clutter all rooms: This is often where we get many sellers saying “but it’s my style!” Awesome, that’s great. But your current home style may not be the same style as your future home buyer. Clear out clutter in all spaces and leave the room feeling fresh with tons of room for imagination.

Take a good look at your floors: At the bare minimum, give all floors a thorough cleaning (and steam clean carpets), but consider having wood floors refinished if they are in poor shape. It is so important that your home is sparkling clean when buyers are walking through it!

Rearrange your furniture: This is your chance to open up your living spaces! A couple easy tips are to create a cozy seating area by pulling your furniture off the walls and directing them towards each other. Immediately makes the buyer feel like conversation & entertaining will be a success here. (2) Store unnecessary pieces and don’t bother trying to fit them in. Again we are trying to avoid cluttering the space.

Neutral colors: HUGE in home style these days—everyone is wanting a neutral color palette. Painting in neutrals leaves the style up to the home buyer and pulls everything together quite nicely. In the buyer’s eyes, you are leaving them a fresh & clean slate!

Looking for more tips & tricks to staging your home to sell? Check out our “Tricks to Staging Your Home to Sell” video on our YouTube channel.