December 13th, 2017

Christmas Front Porch Decorating Tips

We are just a couple of Mill Creek real estate agents looking to give you some inspiration as you head into the Christmas season! Lyndsay looks forward to “decking out” her front porch every year in preparation for her annual Christmas party so this past week she spent time transforming her fall front porch into the coziest winter wonderland! Take a peek below to find inspiration on creating a dreamy Christmas porch of your own!

The first step to adding curb appeal to your front porch is creating a focal point. As you can tell in the photo below Lyndsay uses a large Merry Christmas sign that hangs at the entry of her porch—immediately drawing the eye toward the porch and the surrounding decor!

Cedar Garland: Don’t be shy when it comes to the cedar garland! This lush greenery is beautiful in color and easy to add to almost anything. If you are going for a more minimalistic look, simply wrap it around columns or the frame of your door for a dreamy but simple entry. Pro tip: Trader Joe’s sells 8ft cedar garlands for $7!

Lights please: Lights will bring your front porch to life from the the street and create a warm & inviting feeling for your guests. There are so many different types of lighting; traditional string lights, snowflake lights, colored lights, or you could even use candlelight! Choose lights that work best for your theme.

All in the details: Bring some of your indoor Christmas decor outside! Mini pine trees are perfect for displaying right outside your door. Lyndsay added one to each side of the porch steps to frame in the entry. Decorate them with ribbon, ornaments, and pinecones galore! Other pieces like pillows & blankets can easily be added and instantly make this outdoor space feel much warmer.

Planters w/ Greenery & a Bow: Transform your summer & fall decor into the perfect Christmas piece by adding pine, cedar, and holly to the planter. You can find fresh greenery at your local nursery or home improvement store. Pro tip: You can save so much money by simply taking a walk in the woods to look for greenery.

What are your Christmas porch necessities? We would love to know!