October 29th, 2017

Spooktacular Party for Kids

This year for Halloween the Lamb/Davis crew threw the spookiest, most spooktacular Halloween bash for their kids. The evening was filled with tons of delicious Halloween-themed appetizers, a scavenger hunt with a treasure chest and many more fun games for the kiddos to play throughout the night. Here are the highlights:

1. Spooky Appetizers: A Halloween party must! The Spooky Eyeball Tacos & Spider Eggs were an absolute hit—fun for the kids and easy to prepare for any size party.

2. Haunted Scavenger Hunt: This was the BIG event. 13 major bones of the skeleton were hidden in the graveyard (front yard). The kids where broken up into two teams and handed an envelope full of pictures with clues to where the bones were hidden. I.e. a picture of a name on a grave or a picture of the flagpole, etc. The team that collected all the bones first and built the skeleton won the hunt!

3. Prizes at the Treasure Chest: At the end of the scavenger hunt the kids were able to pick out their prizes from the Spooky Treasure Chest! Filled with candy, stickers, water bottles, and hot wheels galore.

4. The Haunted Mine: Lyndsay’s grandfather built the frame of the tunnel from scrap wood and put a black tarp over it with warning signs & caution tape. The kids had to crawl through cobwebs, caution tape, flashing lights, spiders, skeletons, and ghouls while spooky music was playing! Eeek!

5. Dessert for All at the Candy Apple Bar: To end the evening the kids were able to “spookify” their apples by dipping them into caramel and adding sprinkles, eyeballs, worms— the options were endless!

How are you DIY-ing your Halloween party this year? We would love to hear your creative ideas!

Have a happy & safe Halloween!