September 13th, 2017

How to Make Your Home “Smarter”

Today’s smart home’s are still in what they call “learning mode” but the advancements are already extremely sought after! As companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon keep digging deeper into how they can make our lives more efficient, why not hop on for the ride and make your house a smart house? Below are just a few examples of brand’s that are already taking those strides to make your life easier.

  1. NEST thermostat: NEST builds a schedule around when you turn your thermostat up and down so that eventually you won’t have to worry about changing it at all! It tracks through the app on your phone to see when you’ve left the house and automatically turns down the heat. And if the kids are on their way home early from school, you are able manage the temperature from your phone so it’s nice and cozy when they walk through the door!
  2. Smart refrigerator: Imagine being able to peek inside your refrigerator from anywhere and set your grocery list without having to come home to see what you have! With a smart fridge you can create user profiles & sync shopping lists so that you know what each family member needs without having to ask. You can even set expiration notifications to keep all your food fresh and know when to buy more. 
  3. Amazon Echo & Alexa: Designed around your voice, Alexa is able to answer all your questions—right when you need it. Create shopping lists, provide news, control lighting, timers, calendars, and MORE. Additionally, use the Echo app to access your calendars and shopping list that you spoke to Alexa earlier in the day while on-the-go. Outstanding tool to use to keep the household functioning with ease!
  4.  Rachio Smart Sprinkler System: A unique system that is unlike any other. Customize your sprinkler system based on plant type, soil type, amount of sun exposure, and more. Tune your watering schedule to run with changes in forecast & seasons. In the end, there will be less water & money wasted—making your home the most efficient in the neighborhood!
  5. Smart Lightbulbs: Take your lighting game to a whole new level—using the Philips Hue smart bulbs. Program lighting for breakfast & dinner, family time or just day-to-day living, and set timers or schedules to create the perfect mood for any occasion. Also, if lights are left on in your home, easily turn them off using the Philips Hue app to conserve energy & save money no matter where you are! Also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.
  6. Electric door locks (August Smart Lock): Installs on the inside of your door and makes your smart phone a “smart key!” August unlocks automatically when you approach and when you leave. Easily send virtual keys to babysitters, friends & family, and control how long they have access (days, hours, or even specific time frames).

Leave us a comment below and tell us more about the smart house appliances your looking forward to using most!