September 7th, 2017

5 Ways to Add Style to Your Home Office

Nowadays it’s totally the norm to work-from-home, and having your own office space really is essential to being the most productive. You don’t want to always be working from the dining room table, right?! Here are some stylish & quick tips into making this space your own & comfortable enough to get the job done.

  1. Get Comfortable: You will be living in this space for multiple hours of the day—make it comfortable for YOU. If you need to take a break, put a love seat in the corner and close your eyes for a bit or invest in an ergonomic chair to help with your posture.
  2. Creative Organization is Key: Vertical storage, horizontal storage, OPEN shelving—or as I like to call it “organized clutter.” Keep your shelving open & organized so that you can easily see the pieces you need and put them back. When the shelving is left open, you are more inclined to keep it tidy & organized than closed cabinet storage. And adding decorative pieces to bring the space to life is a total plus!
  3. Add a Pop of Color: We all have that color we love to pop into our favorite spaces (and into our favorite outfits)! Use that color in your home office to make this space reflect your happy place. These pops of color are also easily interchangble with seasons & trends too so you can always be adding something new and fun to the room.
  4. Embrace the Natural Lighting: This will make a huge difference in elongating your space & will really bring it to life! This is the best type of lighting to keep away eyestrain and headaches. Also, make sure to position your computer away from the light so that you don’t see a glare on your screen!
  5. Add Greenery: Adding a touch of greenery brings a bit of the outdoors indoors and keeps the air clear in what can sometimes be a small space. And most house plants don’t need to be watered often so they are a very low maintenance & stylish addition!