June 11th, 2017

4 Benefits of Living in an HOA Community

Many home buyers think of a community with a Home Owners Association as negative & controlling, however, there are many benefits to the HOA that should not be overlooked. 

  1. Low Maintenance: Most HOA’s handle trash & snow removal leaving less work for the homeowner. Some with higher dues even include water, sewer & landscaping. So before dismissing a community because of high HOA dues – take a look at what all is covered.
  2. Association management: If your neighbor is doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, HOA management can handle the communication anonymously, keeping the relationship you have with your neighbors in good standing while still addressing the issue.
  3. Community appearance: Homes within the HOA must meet the standards of the association or will face a fine. Things like unkempt lawns, peeling paint on the side of homes, how many cars sit in the driveway, etc are all kept tidy thanks to the HOA.
  4. Recreational amenities: Not all HOA’s offer extra amenities (parks, walking paths, pools, gyms, etc) – but if they do the HOA is in charge of keeping them safe & clean for residents to use. Even if you don’t directly use these amenities on a daily basis, they do increase your property value.

What do you love about living in an HOA community?