March 9th, 2017

10 Ways to be More Productive in the Office

10 Ways to Improve Productivity at Work - Lamb Real Estate

Feel like you need to reorganize & restructure your workday in order to be more productive? We have you covered with 10 tips to help you be your most productive self at the workplace.

  1. Start your day by making a list: This will be essential in assisting you in finishing your tasks on time. Sort them from the most pressing to the least. Set deadlines for yourself so that you are able to complete each task without the stress of cramming until the end.
  2. Organize your email:  You can increase your sanity by keeping your inbox organized, especially if you get them ALL day long. Use folders & filters to keep organized and to set your mind at ease.
  3. Set aside time for each task: If you are able to work on something for 30 minutes, change to another task and come back to the original one later, the work you produce will be immensely better than if you were to push it all out in one hour.
  4. Work off-site when it makes sense: Sometimes a new atmosphere can increase creativity as well as provide a place to zone in and finish a project without much distraction.
  5. Narrow down your multitasking: It is actually proven that multitasking can do more harm to your day (and your mind) than good. Narrow down the amount of multitasking you do & soley focus on only a couple projects at a time versus thinking about them ALL at once.
  6. Turn off your notifications during meetings: We are all so good at being available at anytime to our clients need us. However, turning off your notifications during a meeting not only creates a better atmosphere for your own meeting but also provides your client with your undivided attention.
  7. YOU-time: Time to take a break! You deserve this. You have been working hard all day & your mind needs to rest & recharge. Take a walk and get some exercise or choose to eat lunch outside.
  8. Time lock your meetings & supply an agenda: Meetings are the biggest time hog in your day, especially because they almost always run long. Set a time lock for each of your meetings and supply an agenda to keep the meeting en route to finish on time.
  9. Liven up your workspace: You work here for 8 hours a day! Add some color & design and make that space feel more like YOU. Add a more comfortable chair or an ergonomic desk to help relieve any back pain you get from sitting at your desk all day.
  10. Connect with people in your department: The only thing worse than working in the same space all day is working alone. We were all created to live and thrive in community so push yourself to eat lunch with someone different everyday at work and grow your social circle. This will not only make work more fun, but increase your own work productivity after having great conversation with others.

We hope you take these tips and implement them into your own work day to create the perfect work environment!

Have a great week!

Dallas Moreno /  Marketing Manager