January 29th, 2017

Gyms in the Area

Gyms in the Snohomish County Area - Lamb Real Estate

New Year, New YOU, right?! Cool, then I am going to recommend TONS of gyms in the Snohomish County area for you to try. Then if you don’t like one, you have another back up (or two) to try out!

Mill Creek

Hot Yoga: Enjoy your workout in a hot room that warms your muscles and allows you to be more flexible than ever, without injury. You will lose body fat and increase your metabolism permanently, as you get stronger. Imagine the relaxation New Student special: your first 10 classes for $10. Be warned- You will get hooked…

LA Fitness: Your basic everyday gym in the heart of the Mill Creek Town Center. Membership comes with access to a full gym, weekly classes, and the indoor pool & sauna. There is also an Nergize cafe within the gym that caters to all your protein shake/supplement needs. This Mill Creek gym is PACKED at peak times, so if you are looking for a gym with a good amount of community, this gym is for you!

Outer Edge Crossfit: These guys will push your to your limits! Crossfit combines strength training, circuit style training and interval training, giving you the ability to function optimally. Beginners go through an “on-ramp” program before joining regular classes. The “on-ramp” areclasses with an instructor privately until you are ready to attend classes on your own.

Columbia Athletic Club: If you are looking for a gym in the area that isn’t always packed out during peak times this is the gym for you. The membership is a little bit pricier than most, but you get access to a lot of classes that most gyms don’t offer including hot yoga & barre. They have membership deals for all ages (young adult, couple, family, etc) & provide offers seasonally for a discount on the initiation fee.


LA Fitness: This LA Fitness is HUGE and right next to Everett Mall. Offers the same classes and amenities as the previous LA Fitness mentioned above but in the Everett community. This club does not offer the Nergize cafe.

Orange Theory: If you’re looking to sweat a ton and get your cardio on this is your kind of gym! Orange Theory is on the up & up, and you will want to be a part of these 60-minute workout sessions. They are split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn. There are 3 types of memberships you can pay for based on how often you will be in attendance (basic, elite, premier), but you will have to speak to an associate to get actual costs.


SnoCo Crossfit: At SnoCo CrossFit you will not only gain new strength in your body, but also friendship and daily inspiration from your coaches. These coaches will push you farther than ever before, and in the end you will thank them for it. If you are a beginner, you will want to join in on their “Crossfit Basics” class until you have learned how to safely get started.

Spark Hot Yoga: Another great hot yoga studio! New student discount for a deal, $20 for two weeks of unlimited classes. This is a great, affordable way to try out our classes with your schedule! Then, after you’ve figured out how to fit it into your schedule, monthly unlimited classes are $99/mo.

*If you are looking for membership rates/fees to these clubs, click the hyperlinked name of the gym for more info.

Thanks for reading, see you at the gym!

Dallas Moreno /  Marketing Manager