December 7th, 2016

Book Bundles for Seattle Children’s Hospital

Lamb Real Estate Delivering Books to Seattle Children's Hospital

Yesterday, our team had the privilege of dropping off book bundles at Seattle Children’s Hospital. These book donations will be given to the Seattle Children’s Child Life Specialists, a team of pediatric care professionals who work with children and families to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, and disability.

The books we have donated are very similar to a tool they already use, the “All About Me” poster. The poster helps the care givers get an idea of who the child is outside of the reason they are in the hospital (i.e. favorite color, pets, families, etc). The books we have donated will be able too add to this by helping the children identify their own story and assist the care specialist in creating “out-of-the box” ideas to better communicate with the child.

We are honored to have been able to donate over 150 books and continue to be a part of such an amazing organization through our connection with Children’s Miracle Network.

To find out more about how you can help make a difference, click here.