Luke Kuna


Hi everyone- I’m Luke. I am a Pacific North West native and grew up on the back roads of Snohomish County. This community has been my home, and it is a natural fit for my real estate career to take off! I’m a recent graduate of Western Washington University where I received my degree in Finance. In school, sports were my passion, I played baseball at Snohomish High School and then went on to play at Gonzaga. My baseball days have ended, but I still enjoy a round or two of golf on the weekends. My love of sports, team culture, and competition have translated to finding and scoring my clients the right deal and the perfect home. Working with Lamb and Company you are not just working with me, but a team that has proven to succeed. Whether you are a first time home buyer or this is an upgrade to your last home, my competitive edge will help bring you to the finish line. Let’s talk about making a deal!

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