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How To Protect Your Home From Air Pollution.

When most of us think of pollution, we think of power plants, manufacturing facilities, incinerators. Stuff that’s largely out of our control.  But indoor air pollution is also a serious – and potentially deadly – problem.  Please take a minute to read a few simple tricks for reducing your risk, protecting your health, and safeguarding the health […]

Keep Out The Winter Chill

Keeping out the winter chill might be easier than you think.  Fireplaces add aesthetic appeal to the house as well as warmth throughout the winter season. While traditional fireplaces need ventilation, there are new types of fireplaces on the market that do not. Smoke-free fuels derived from eco-friendly, plant-based bio-ethanol can be utilized in rooms where […]

4 Things You Should Do When You Move Into A New Home.

Moving into a new home can be an exciting and hectic time.  There are some things that can be placed on the back burner during the move in process.  With these four easy tips on moving into a new home, you can be sure to check a few of the important saftey ones off your list.   Change the […]

Tips For Buying New Construction

Purchasing a new construction house may feel simpler than buying a resale, but buyers should approach the process with these steps in mind, provided by HGTV’s Front Door. Figure out what you can afford by talking to a lender and obtain a pre-approval before you start house hunting. Factor in the extra costs such as upgrades, […]

Who Finds Home Ownership More Important; Women or Men?

Studies show that women rate home ownership higher than men. Sixty-four percent of women say home ownership is essential in achieving the American Dream. Meanwhile, 52 percent of men say owning a home is a vital component of achieving the American Dream, according to a Home Buyer Poll conducted by TD Bank of more than […]

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